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CAA’s staff of more than 200 employees are fully credentialed and cross-trained, enabling quick  and effective response to any changes in our clients’ needs.  CAA has demonstrated a track record of very low staff turnover, which has proven highly beneficial to our clients and ensures that our staff of professionals effectively meet the building department, engineering, public works, environmental, and fire prevention service needs of our clients. 


A primary difference between us and most of our competition is that the leadership and management of CAA, with the exception of administrative functions, is made up of licensed engineers and ICC certified building industry staff. We are not a company of business people looking to maximize profit; we are people who want to take our professions to a higher level. The makeup of our team is as follows:


Principals - 1%

Civil/Structural Engineers - 12%

Engineering Associates - 23% 

Building Dept Personnel - 43%

Environmental & Planning - 6%

Technicians - 11%

Administrative - 4%


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