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Building Inspection

CAA’s staff of highly qualified and certified inspectors are among the finest in the nation. Quality professionals thoroughly trained in the codes, make a point of mastering the local code amendments. CAA inspectors assure the highest degree of compliance with building codes, but more than that, they are sensitive to local zoning regulations; in addition, they maintain a close working relationship with planning personnel to assure compliance with zoning codes. They work equally well with Code Enforcement and Public Works staff. Building Inspectors should do more than provide prompt, courteous, and thorough enforcement of building codes, CAA inspectors take that extra effort needed.


Plan Review

Many cities share the problem of not having enough activity to justify a full-time plan review staff. Others have a difficult time adjusting to peak demand periods, which can create unnecessary or inefficient staffing. CAA plan review services is the answer. Our plan review engineering staff will review building plans for compliance with building codes, energy laws, and state access requirements. They provide prompt and professional service to the citizens of your community.



Many cities desire the enhanced control provided by having an “in-house” Building Department, yet they cannot justify full-time supervision for just one or two inspectors. The answer is CAA Building Official Services. CAA can provide you with a qualified building official who responds to the need for expert code administration, and other staff support. A CAA building official can provide your staff with the required technical supervision without the expense of a full-time staff position.


Management Studies

Is Council demanding justification for additional position(s) in the budget? Are you overstaffed, understaffed or just right? Do you want to go “in-house” with your building department and need to define an appropriate staffing level and budget? Do you have questions about the quality of the building code enforcement in your city or about the qualifications of the inspection staff? A CAA Management Study can provide the answers you need to effectively manage your Building Department functions. CAA management experts have extensive experience in a wide variety of government settings. We can focus many decades of combined experience on your problem and provide you with workable solutions.


Transition Services

Are you frustrated with your present Building Department service? Do they fail to respond to your needs? The answer may be CAA’s unique Transition service. CAA staff will organize your Building Department functions, write your adoption ordinances, develop your procedures, establish training programs, provide trained inspectors, clerical and counter staff. At the end of a CAA Transition program you will have an established Building Department function without having to suffer the disruptions usually associated with starting up such a complex activity.

Electronic Data Processing of Building Safety Records
Systematic records administration is the key to cost-effective management. CAA professionals provide effective data management systems with customized reports to meet your management needs.

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