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CAA (Charles Abbott Associates, Inc.) provides experienced, professional staff having a familiarity with current codes and standards in all facets of a City's Public Works function. The CAA team is capable of adapting and applying progressive management techniques to all types of projects, no matter the size. CAA can assist in: day to day administrative duties, consultation and advice, development of standards, guidelines and procedures, updating of fee schedules, preparation of staff and agenda reports, direct billings, word processing and attendance at meetings. Following are just some of the services CAA provides:

Streets Maintenance

  • Budgeting

  • Scheduling

  • Estimating

  • Construction administration and inspection

Capital Improvement

  • Construction administration and inspection

Encroachment Permits

  • Plan review

  • Condition development

  • Permit issuance

  • Tracking and inspecting

Construction Administration & Inspection

  • Traffic control

  • Compliance with plans and specifications

  • Change orders

  • Progress payments

  • Coordination with the public utilities and public agencies


Pavement Management

  • Data collection

  • Data entry

  • Field inventory

  • Condition rating

  • Determination of improvement type

  • Benefit cost analysis and prioritization

  • 5 year CIP

  • Systems manual

  • Staff training

  • Software installation

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