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National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit Compliance


Program Management

  • Prepare required Annual Reports

  • Train City staff in implementing NPDES requirements

  • Represent cities on watershed committees

  • Provide comments on behalf of cities on proposed changes in NPDES requirements

  • Advise cities regarding NPDES compliance options and strategies


    Industrial/Commercial Facilities Inspections

  • Develop a database of industrial/commercial facilities based on the jurisdiction’s business licenses

  • Develop City specific inspection forms and Best Management Practices (BMPs) outreach materials

  • Conduct inspections of industrial/commercial facilities

  • Provide database maintenance/trouble shooting services


    Water Quality Monitoring

  • Represent the City’s interests at meetings pertaining to the development of TMDLs

  • Review and prepare comments on proposed TMDL requirements

  • Provide data analysis and reporting


    Development Planning and Construction

  • Prepare Development Planning and Construction manuals to assist City staff in the implementation of the Permit

  • Prepare outreach materials for contractors/builders explaining the use and design of BMPs

  • Review plans for compliance with design and construction BMPs


    Illicit Connection/Illicit Discharge Elimination

  • Assist City staff in establishing systematic procedures and checklists to document the identification and elimination of illicit connections and discharges into the storm drain system

  • Assist the City in mapping locations of the illicit connections/illicit discharges


    Public Education

  • Develop and implement required public education programs

  • Conduct industrial and commercial facility site visits


    Public Agency Activities

  • Conduct reviews of municipal facilities and projects and prepare any required storm water management plans, BMP descriptions, procedures and checklists


    Action Plans For Water Quality Mitigation/Remediation

  • Prepare feasibility studies of technical alternatives, including cost estimates

  • Design/specification of treatment systems or mitigation plan

  • Oversee field installation and ongoing monitoring of system performance



    Solid Waste Management – California Integrated Waste Management Act 


    Integrated Waste Management Act (AB 939)

  • Preparation of Annual Reports

  • Revision of Source Recycling Reduction Elements (SRRE) and Household Hazardous Waste Elements (HHWE)

  • Diversion studies

  • Hauler/recycler monitoring and trouble-shooting

  • City Hall and Parks recycling and green waste program design


    Contract Negotiation

  • CAA has experience in contract negotiations in the highly competitive field of solid waste hauling and disposal.  In a market with rapidly increasing costs and regulations, our staff can participate in contract negotiations to optimize the benefits of your jurisdiction solid waste agreement.


    Solid Waste Contract Specification Preparation

  • Residential franchise agreements

  • Multi-family residential franchise agreements

  • Commercial franchise agreements

  • Municipal facility recycling and green waste

  • Curbside and rear yard pick-up programs

  • Green waste and recyclables collection

  • Curbside used oil and filter collection

  • Bulky items collection

  • C&D debris recycling


    Grant Programs

  • Used Oil Block Grants

  • Household Hazardous Waste Grants

  • Park Playground Accessibility and Recycling Grant Program

  • California Department of Conservation Litter Grants


    Grant Writing/ Administrative Services

  • Designing a strategic and evaluation plan for funding

  • Identifying and tracking grant eligible activities

  • Matching grant eligible activities to meet the client’s specific needs with the appropriate funding agency

  • Submitting completed proposals to targeted funding agencies

  • Tracking and submitting all follow-up materials requested by funding agencies

  • Providing grant administration from project implementation to report preparation

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